Tattoo After-Care Butter
Tattoo After-Care Butter

Tattoo After-Care Butter

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Repairs Damaged Skin
Soothes Skin After Session
Gentle on Sensitive Skin

After getting a tattoo the skin is in trauma and if that tattoo was big enough the skin is actually warm! This product once applied turns cold and stays cool for hours.

Specially formulated after-care butter that contains a blend of herbs and botanicals to repair, soothe, lower inflammation and hydrate the skin.

Richly blended with herbal extracts to aid in repair as well as botanicals to assist in lowering inflammation, soothe and cool. Including Arnica for rapid treatment of bruising, Mentha arvensis (peppermint) for its clearing and antiseptic properties. Shea Nut and Almond Oil to intensely nourish and hydrate the skin.

+ Shea Butter

+ Almond Oil

+ Glycerine

+ Arnica Montana

+ Mentha arvensis


The perfect tattoo aftercare product with its cooling peppermint feel, antiseptic component & lowering inflammation.

With so many benefits and ailments in one, MgBody's Aftercare Butter is a must have in your cupboard or bag.

Perfect for after sun care to cool and hydrate the skin.

Perfect for skin irritations such as eczema with its anti inflammatory properties.



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