Nat Cash

Nat Cash is Nat Well's very own rewards program specifically designed to give back. Whilst surprise goodies in your orders are also fun to receive we all would rather money right..?? Same, so simply click on the Blue Nat Cash button on the bottom of the screen, once you have created an account, for every $1 you spend in store you will receive x1 Nat Cash. Minus the cost of GST

* Note you MUST have created and logged into your account prior to check out to accumulate points.


For example: If you spend $149.95 on a product, minus GST and you will earn $134.68 which converts to 135 points (we like to round it up) 


Once you have over 100 points you can redeem them for cash on your next order. 100 Nat Cash = $5  -  200 Nat Cash = $10 and so on.

To redeem click on the blue Nat Cash button on the bottom of the website, log in and follow the "ways to redeem" prompts, this will then give you a promotional code to use at checkout.






- Jim Newburn

Owner / Founder

Nat Well Supplements


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