BioTek - BIO-140
BioTek - BIO-140

BioTek - BIO-140

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BIOTEK - BIO140 - RAD140 (Testolone)

RAD140 (Testolone) for Increasing Lean Muscle Mass

RAD140 was medically designed to replace testosterone, allowing the body to react the same way it would to a healthy dose of the hormone less the side effects.

RAD140 produces an incremental increase in lean muscle mass which increases with the dose. At the same time it creates a loss of fat tissue, making it ideal for bodybuilders and athletes alike.

Along with the ability to shred body fat and boost lean muscle tissue, RAD140 can also assist in eliminating some of the androgenic side effects which accompany the use of certain anabolics.

RAD140 is also perfect for cutting as it promotes lean tissue gains and the loss of body fat.

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