Project ZEPHYR NANO-GW (Cardarine GW-501516)

Project ZEPHYR NANO-GW (Cardarine GW-501516)

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Clinically also known as Cardarine or GW-501516, this product was specifically designed to aid diabetes patients and to treat obesity. Reducing fat via activation of the same pathways that are activated when a subject conducts cardiovascular exercise.


This Compound displays it impressive and drastic fat burning capabilities through the ability of cells of the body to expend more energy, enhancing overall caloric expenditure even while at rest, massive increases in glucose uptake into skeletal muscle tissue for energy production changing the body’s metabolism to utilise and burn fat for energy instead of precious muscle and important stored glycogen.



Key Points:

Rapid boost in fat oxidation (fat loss)

Unmatched increase of endurance qualities

Muscle preservation whilst losing fat dramatically

GW-501516 fantastically completes all these metabolic tasks without dropping blood sugar levels like diabetic drugs do and is also entirely non-stimulant, for subjects this means no increase in heart rate, stimulant related anxiety, no shakes and no lack of sleep.


GW also has shown in clinical studies to have an amazing ability to increase the longevity in which cardiac activity can be sustained for, this means vastly longer and more intense workouts, amongst a noticeable reduction in recovery times.


GW-501516 also boasts the ability to preserve muscle tissue particularly well even while a subject is partaking in many efforts to drastically reduce body-fat. Therefore weight that is lost is expected to be predominantly only body fat preserving all that hard earned muscle tissue.


GW-501516 works fantastically as a stand-alone product or results can be drastically boosted by coupling with other Project Sarms such as Project Sarms RAD- 140 to melt stubborn fat, preserve, harden and build lean muscle simultaneously.


Dosage Recommendation: Singular dosing per day consecutively is preferred.

These products are not for use in preventing, curing, or treating a particular disease and or ailments, for research purposes only. Our products are not bound by the ‘Therapeutic Goods Act of 1989’.

*information presented is based upon evidence found in clinical studies, in no way does RPO SARMS condone or will be found liable for human consumption, misconduct or misuse of its products.





It is recommended when consuming this product to use a quality Gut Care & Liver Care Supplement.
On Cycle Guidelines:  Must be taken with a proper liver care supplement for its detoxification effects.
Off Cycle Guidelines: Must be followed up with a proper post cycle therapy supplement to help normalise testosterone levels.

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