VITA ENERGY - D-Ribose Energy Powder

VITA ENERGY - D-Ribose Energy Powder

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NATURAL Energy Regeneration with Bioenergy Ribose - By Vita Wize

  • Our D-Ribose Energy supplement is perfect for increasing cardiac energy metabolism
  • Simply add to water, fruit juice or smoothies 30 minutes before exercising to support muscle performance & heart function.
  • Our D-Ribose is a natural Pentose carbohydrate and contains ATP molecule for Energy Release.

D-Ribose is a pentose carbohydrate naturally occurring in DNA, RNA and ATP. The science behind this relatively unknown wonder sugar is well consolidated. Providing the body with D-Ribose in oral form allows many slow metabolic reactions to be by-passed. This ultimately means easy energy!

ATP is the molecule required to create energy. When we exercise, our stores break down to ADP, and then onto AMP, and then even further onto other metabolites. This means our ATP levels need to be regenerated again, or salvaged, once we stop exercising. This is part of the process of recovery. The human body is a theme park of enzymes, functioning relentlessly to regenerate ATP, digest food and even create mood altering neurotransmitters. But not all enzymes are created equal.

Regeneration of ATP after exercise can be sluggish- due to a rate-limiting or slow enzymatic process. D-Ribose helps us to by-pass this sluggish enzyme so that we may re-build our natural energy stores faster, boosting ATP levels and improving recovery and performance. The addition of Magnesium creates a synergistic effect, allowing some of the enzymes that utilise D-Ribose to function that much more faster.

Energising your Heart with Bioenergy Ribose

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in our society. Heart muscle tissue is no different to any other muscle, in that it requires a constant supply of ATP or energy. D-Ribose has been proven to increase cardiac energy metabolism in patients suffering with congestive and ischemic heart failure. This means, the heart has more energy, patients are more exercise tolerant and have an improved quality of life. Of course we all know how important the heart is- it tirelessly pumps day and night for us. D-Ribose helps bypass difficult processes in the heart to heighten ATP production. This creates more energy and stronger contractility. The addition of Coenzyme Q10 at a clinical dose creates a unique formulation for the support of a very essential organ.

Mixing Instructions

Take up to 1 heaped teaspoon (5g) 30minutes prior to exercise. Alternatively, take 5g twice daily for the management of chronic fatigue or to support optimal health.

Not to be used as a sole source of nutrition. Not to be taken when pregnant. Seek medical advice before use if on prescription medicines. Seek medical advice if under 15 years of age prior to use. Made in Australia from local and imported ingredients.

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