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HGH+ (MK-677) + OXBOOST (MK-2866) 

The Lean muscle/Heal stack from Matrix Labs involves a combination of the two most sought-after for not only muscle building but also Joint, tendon, ligament, bone health and repair. The utilisation of these two products creates the perfect environment for the subject to allow rapid build ups in lean muscle tissue all whilst reducing body fat along with managing to heal and add comfort to niggling or even long-term injuries.

The individual will also notice substantial gains in lean muscle tissue along with a great build up of strength superseding all current performance and body composition as the two compounds work hand in hand in two different pathways through androgen selectivity and IGF production to create the perfect matrix of both muscle building and overall healing.

*Note: These will be the strongest capsule sarms you have used. Please do not exceed 2 caps of each compound per day.*

PCT is recommended – Please ask for recommendations if needed*