PZ Ultra Fat Burn Stack with L-Carnitine

PZ Ultra Fat Burn Stack with L-Carnitine

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Project Zephyr - Nano Burn

The formulary engineers at PZ have eradicated competition through their elite line of products that have raised the bar of supplements to untouchable heights.

 Their latest spawn of energy ingenuity has been unleashed on the market, summoning the extinction of conventional energy supplementation as we know it: Nano Burn is a volatile compost of fat wasting, mood boosting, and energy accelerating compounds.

 Nano Burn invokes a fusion of formidable forces that seize your metabolic performance and pushing your peak to menacing levels. This thermogenic infantry unites the baddest of energy-spiking bad boys, caffeine, quebrachine, Methylhexanamine and 3,5-Diiodothyronine  a posse of pure energetic potency to put the smack down on sluggish combustion of calories and turn your cells into an energy generating sweatshop.

 Nano Burn neuro-regiment overthrows your neurotransmitter control center, holding irritability and hunger pangs hostage. Appetite annihilation and mood elevation are excuted with precision via CNS stimulant properties of Black Tea and PEA HCl to discharge adrenaline and dopamine into the bloodstream for finely sharpened focus and euphoric energy.




Project Zephyr GW - Cardarine

Clinically also known as Cardarine or GW-501516, this product was specifically designed to aid diabetes patients and to treat obesity. Reducing fat via activation of the same pathways that are activated when a subject conducts cardiovascular exercise.

This Compound displays it impressive and drastic fat burning capabilities through the ability of cells of the body to expend more energy, enhancing overall caloric expenditure even while at rest, massive increases in glucose uptake into skeletal muscle tissue for energy production changing the body’s metabolism to utilise and burn fat for energy instead of precious muscle and important stored glycogen.

Key Points:

Rapid boost in fat oxidation (fat loss)

Unmatched increase of endurance qualities

Muscle preservation whilst losing fat dramatically

GW-501516 fantastically completes all these metabolic tasks without dropping blood sugar levels like diabetic drugs do and is also entirely non-stimulant, for subjects this means no increase in heart rate, stimulant related anxiety, no shakes and no lack of sleep.

GW also has shown in clinical studies to have an amazing ability to increase the longevity in which cardiac activity can be sustained for, this means vastly longer and more intense workouts, amongst a noticeable reduction in recovery times.

GW-501516 also boasts the ability to preserve muscle tissue particularly well even while a subject is partaking in many efforts to drastically reduce body-fat. Therefore weight that is lost is expected to be predominantly only body fat preserving all that hard earned muscle tissue.

GW-501516 works fantastically as a stand-alone product or results can be drastically boosted by coupling with other Project Sarms such as Project Sarms RAD- 140 to melt stubborn fat, preserve, harden and build lean muscle simultaneously.

Flavoured Water - Watermelon Acetyl L-Carnitine

If you've ever tasted raw Acetyl L-Carnitine on its own you'll know why the release of this refreshing watermelon taste has been done, just add to you daily water intake, shake and enjoy the benefits of L-Carnitine with a great taste!

 Acetyl L-Carnitine is an incredible amino acid that helps to facilitate fat metabolism and increase energy production in muscles and cells. It can also aid the promotion of fat loss when used in conjunction with a good training and eating plan. Acetyl L Carnitine is a super antioxidant that has been shown to reduce fatigue and act as an appetite suppressant, as well as benefit overall cognitive ability and well being.  One of the most popular weight loss and toning supplements across Australia, UK and the United States regardless of what your fitness goals are your chances of success will increase greatly if you have Aceytl L-Carnitine in your arsenal!


Improved Mental Focus - Stimulates improved cognitive (brain) function by increasing neurotransmitter activity. Improved mental focus is extremely beneficial for an athlete looking to improve the intensity of their training and performance.

Fat Loss - L-Carnitine on its own is known to be an extremely effective weight-loss supplement. ALCAR however is thought to be even better. It works by transporting fats to cells, where the fats are then burned and used to provide energy.

Increased Energy Levels -The energy created when fat is burned in our cells, means that L-Carnitine is an excellent supplement for providing us with increased energy. It can therefore be a great product for an endurance athlete, or simply as a pre-workout supplement.

Mental Benefits - We have seen that ALCAR stimulates improved cognitive function by increasing the activity of our neurotransmitters. The effects of this increased brain function have been shown to improve both learning and memory. This means that ALCAR can be an excellent supplement for many individuals ranging from students to the elderly.





It is recommended when consuming this product to use a quality Gut Care & Liver Care Supplement.


On Cycle Guidelines:  Must be taken with a proper liver care supplement for its detoxification effects.
Off Cycle Guidelines: Must be followed up with a proper post cycle therapy supplement to help normalise testosterone levels.

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